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What is a pharmaceutical-grade supplement?

Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are regulated by the FDA and available from your health care provider. cGMP- means FDA approved lab or “CERTIFIED GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES” (certified by the FDA).

Over-the-counter supplements are self-regulated … meaning that the manufacturing process isn’t regulated by the FDA. Some labels have GMP on their packaging which means they have joined an organization that allows them to use that mark. Since the FDA doesn’t regulate the manufacturing it’s difficult to compare the ingredients.

Grades of Supplements:

  • Pharmaceutical grade meets pharmaceutical standards
  • Food grade meets standards set for human consumption
  • Feed grade meets standards set for animal consumption

In order to have a therapeutic effect, nutrients must be absorbed into your bloodstream. To the extent to which they can be absorbed is referred to their BIO AVAILABILITY. Depending on the way nutrients are manufactured effects bio availability. Manufacturing in an FDA approved facility guarantees you get pharmaceutical grade which translates into the most therapeutic benefit for your systems. Typically, you would need to ingest HUGE amounts of over-the-counter supplements to get a similar benefit to a pharmaceutical-grade supplement.

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