Shelly LaFrance, Family Nurse Practitioner

Shelly-HeadShelly LaFrance, FNP-MN holds a Masters in Nursing from Washington State University. Her certifications include:

  • Family Nurse Practitioner-ANCC Board Certified
  • Basic Life Support Certified
  • Certified Laser Professional
  • Advanced BOTOX® and JUVEDERM® Injector
  • Bella Diamond Injector (Bellafill’s Top 1% of Injectors in the USA)
  • Functional Medicine Certification (in progress)
  • Certified BioTE Provider (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement)

Shelly started her medical career working in a nursing home setting, however, spent much of her career working in the ER. This experience as an RN exposed her to almost every imaginable health situation. Upon receiving her Masters in Nursing she spent a few additional years in the ER. Believing that so many treatments standard in Western Medicine actually caused patients to get sicker, she started her own practice collaborating with a Chinese Herbalist/Acupuncturist. This began her life-long passion of finding the root cause of her patients ailments rather than treating symptoms.

Over the past decade, Shelly has focused her advanced studies on Functional Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapies to help her patients restore their natural vitality. She collaborates with her patients and together they find treatment plans and options best-suited for each individual. For men and women alike, exact match hormone replacement can help  turn back the hands of time and restore wellness.

Shelly believes in patient-centric care that is respectful and responsive to an individual’s needs. Using therapeutic partnership, patients are empowered to take control of their own health and healing thereby optimizing a patient’s ability to make lifestyle changes for life-long well-being. Armed with an arsenal of experience, advanced 21st Century diagnostic testing tools, supplements and other modalities, she can help you find your way to your best health.

You can expect:

  • Proactive, predictive, personalized care
  • Support for the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual
  • Focus on biochemical individuality – respecting and considering external and internal factors
  • An expanded health span, in addition to, life span
  • Patient-centered rather than disease-centered care
  • Integrative care, merging best practices that focus on and support prevention
  • Utilization of the latest research, laboratory tests, and prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques

The best way to get to know Shelly is through the testimonials of her patients over the years. Please take a moment and look through what they have to say and give our office a call to set up an appointment today.

  • I came to Shelly feeling stressed, tired, my body was hurting, and could no longer find that extra gear when I needed it.  Above all i was frustrated because i didn't know why.  Shelly sat me down for a consultation using a truly holistic approach.  She made me feel so comfortable and took as much time as needed to fully understand how i was feeling. Together we identified probable root causes and created a health plan based on my specific needs.  Shelly helped me make changes to my diet, we added supplements, and she taught me to listen to my body so I could make adjustments along the way.  I now feel better than I have in years!   Thanks Shelly!

    Brandon Deming
    Brandon Deming
  • Shelly has helped me feel so much better by introducing me to natural hormones and a gluten-free diet. Thank you so much Shelly LaFrance!

    Linda Hughes
    Linda Hughes
  • Shelly has taken care of me as her patient and friend. Love her! A Wonderful, smart, beautiful women.

    Cherie Holmes Wilcox
    Cherie Holmes Wilcox
  • Most excellent. Always

    Jeff Elkins
    Jeff Elkins
  • Shelly is compassionate, intuitive and always willing to look at multiple ways of addressing an issue. She is passionate about what she does and works hard to consistently increase her knowledge base. Her energy is a blessing to be around and I'm grateful for her excellent care.

    Dawn Michele Jackson
    Dawn Michele Jackson
  • I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease, and had no idea what it was or what to do to  begin healing my body. Shelly put me at ease immediately. I was so impressed with how thorough her initial consultation was. We went back to my childhood and worked our way up to today. We've modified my diet to gluten free options, added supplements, and I can honestly say I have more energy than I thought was possible. I never knew how sick I really was until I start feeling good… now I’m the energizer bunny! She has helped me turn a frightening diagnosis in an exciting and optimistic turning point in my life. I am so grateful to have Shelly in my corner.

  • I've been working with Shelly for a few years now. I'm a cancer survivor and looking to optimize my health and well being for the years to come. What I love about working with Shelly is that she listens to what I want for my health and works with me to reach the goals that I set for myself and my health. We're constantly modifying my supplements and lifestyle to make me feel my best. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thanks, Shelly!

    Ruth E
    Ruth E
  • Shelly is amazingly intuitive, empathetic and an absolute master of her craft. Highly recommend her services!!!

    Daron Deonier
    Daron Deonier
  • Shelly is the best at what she does. She's thoughtful, genuine and a healer. I am grateful to have found her.

    Jill Arambarri Smith
  • Moonstone Medical is excellent. The staff is friendly, helpful and professional. Shelly is a master in Aesthetics. I love that she is also a Nurse Practitioner. It puts me more at ease knowing it'll be done right/beautifully. She is honest about where it's best to put the filler for the best results, thus saving me money in the long run. Bellafill is priced the best around and she is always offering discounts.

    Monique W.
  • Thank you, thank you ... Shelly for your professional expertise and, of course, your warm hearts and fun spirits! I never knew having Dysport/Botox injections could be such a laugh. Every treatment I've received has benefited my skin and is easing the process of aging "gracefully." You have a fantastic team. I trust your judgement and advice. It's always like I'm hanging out with my own sisters. I highly recommend you and your aesthetic services and wish you the best!

    Diane Vancouver WA
  • I knew that I had found the right place the moment I walked into Moonstone! The amount of time that Shelly took with me was surprising and refreshing. Most doctors that I have been to only are concerned about treating the symptoms, Shelly goes further and cures the issues that cause the symptoms. I will never go anywhere else. And on the aesthetic part... she has made a world of difference in my confidence. Shelly is honest and never tries to sell you what you don’t need. Her entire staff is amazing...

    Shelley Coombs
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