How’s Your Liver Functioning?

Fatty diet, sugar, caffeine, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, medications – all of these can contribute to liver overwhelm and detox decline. We can help determine whether your body’s detoxification system is functioning properly, and help improve this process using specific antioxidants and nutrients.

We’re all exposed to incalculable toxins every day, both internally and externally. Detoxification is the process of transforming fat-soluble toxins into a form that can be excreted from your body. The detox organs include your liver, gallbladder, large intestine, kidneys, lungs and skin. Your body’s processing of those harmful substances, along with the presence of anti-oxidants, protect you against free-radical damage and chemical toxicity. But when your detox function becomes overburdened, those toxins can cause an array of health issues.

Poor digestion or elimination of chemical toxins and heavy metals can penetrate your central nervous system, leading to fatigue and depression; hold extra fluid in the body, causing weight gain; knock hormones off-balance; interrupt sleep; and leach calcium and magnesium from your bloodstream, interfering with bone strength. Additionally, unprocessed protein can release carcinogenic compounds into your bloodstream.

We have treatment plans available to support your liver health. Ask us how we can help you detoxify your liver and get you on the path to your best health.

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